CHS Committee Introduction

The CHS Committee consists of three subcommittees: Community & Relation, Human Resouce, and Safety & Security. The CHS committee is an acronym for each subcommittee.

①Community &Relation

We are mainly active in the beautification campaign twice a year. It is held in collaboration with the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association so that guests visiting Guam can enjoy the beautiful Guam. Over 100 people from JGTA participated in the cleanup activities centered on Tumon's beach and Hotel Road.

②Human Resource

In order to provide comfortable services to customers coming to Guam and enjoy their trip comfortably, we provide etiquette training and Japanese language seminars for hotel and restaurant staffs who deals mainly with  customers. Over 100 participants for each course while everyone enjoys and studies very hard. 


Sharing of information such as cases of crime, damage and emergency response cases so that our customers can enjoy their stay in Guam safely and peacefully with a peace of mind. We utilize them in our customer responses.

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