About us

Board Officers

The association's primary purpose is to promote, encourage, assist, develop and expand tourism from Japan. To contribute to the growth and improvement of Guam's economy. The Association's additional purposes are to develop and promote a high level of service from its members to Japanese visitors , and to enhance and improve the safety and comfort of Japanese visitors, to enhance cooperation between the government of Guam and tourism industry and to promote and encourage fellowship among the Association's members. 

Introduction of Officers


Japan Guam Travel Association's membership consists of Industry players of Travel Agencies and tourism transportation service providers. JGTA also consists of Supporting Members, Affiliates and Special Members.

Our current four Standing Committees which executes the core values of the association. 

Introduction of Committee Chairpersons


It is with great pleasure that JGTA (Japan Guam Travel Association) is our partners in making sure the our visitors continues to come to Guam and make our island their favorite place to visit. 

Governor of Guam 2007